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How to Dance Like Joel
Bruce Campbell
 Holy shizz SHAKE it Joel Robinson!

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Eeeheeheehee! That's pretty much my favorite sketch ever. It helps that whenever I try to dance I end up spazzing just like Joel. x3

sorry to disturb you but...

...where did you get your icon ?
(mmmh ducktape <3)

Re: sorry to disturb you but...

I uh, I don't remember. xD It was probably from mst3k_icons but I can't remember who made it. Oops. 8P But yes, ducktaped Joel for the win.

Re: sorry to disturb you but...

that's okay you are forgiven because thanks to you,I will have many mst3k icons now (mwahahahaha)
I had a silly idea that I should make a background of when Joel is on the counter for my laptop XD Do you think I should do it ?

Re: sorry to disturb you but...

Hey, if you can find a decent quality picture, I say go for it! 8D

Re: sorry to disturb you but...

yeah! thank you dear fellow MSTie :D
(mmmh icon :3 )

Oh Joel <3 He is awesome at spaz dancing and what have you. You gotta give him one thing, that sleepy eyed cutie pie has a bunch of pep! =D

Whoo! Joel's on fire !
I want him to be my dance teacher...coming from someone who can't dance at ALL ;--;

*boogies to Sandy Frank song*

No one can boogie like Joel! Oh honey I would kill and die at the same time to get dancing lessons from Joel!!

maybe if we give him a ton of waffles he'll do it ?
(Joel: the dance master XD )

XD That would do it I'd think! But we would have to wait a little while afterwards so he doesn't get a tummy ache!

but we will eat them with him :3 (at least I would ;D )
& if he does have a tummy ache we will be there to care for him >:3

Oh crimminy! Do NOT make me think of Joel in bed with an icepack on his head and a thermometer in his mouth! It's just too much cute! XD

Too late! now you know what to go to get an image out of your drawning it >:3 MWAHAHAHAHA

OH NO! You FIEND! You planned this all out! Bawww! XD

YES! -kinda-.It's part of my EVIL plan :to drown you with drawing requests because I can't draw that good YET! just look at your drawing requests in *the secret treehouse* I've already ask two ! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh I didn't know you set up a thread for me! That makes things a lot easier, believe it or not. Good thinking too! I have bookmarked your requests! <3

oh thank you :huggles:
oh yeah I've got another one but since it's not TGWTG related I'm posting it here:
"Jim Henson's MST3k babies"
you know you want too >:3

AHAHAHAHAHAHA~!! Oh snap, that is hilarious! I gotta give that one a spin too!

just imagine...kid!Joel & kid!Mike playing with Crow,Tom Servo & Gypsy or kid!Frank & kid!Dr F. watching a girly cartoon
X3 <3

that means it's part of mr weirden(yes it's a word cause I say so :P)out a fandom.Then that means that gender bending is gonna come up !
Sorry to drag you into the complexe being that is my imagination

Omg, adorable.<3 Esp. thinking of kid!Forrester and kid!Frank cuddled on a couch together in front of a TV. And as for kid!Joel and kid!Mike, maybe they can be wearing footy pajamas instead of jumpsuits, being little and all :)

This is getting more adorable by the minute <3
& then Pearl will show up & be like "crap now I've got to babysit them :( " because she's the only one I can't see kiddy-like & someone has to take care of them

AWESOME! That would totally work!

Oh and Joel would be making elaborate inventions from tinkertoys and legos, and Forrester would be his invention rival, always making inventions to crush Joel's.
And Frank would be hanging out on both sides, playing with Joel and then Forrester dragging him over to his side of the room jealously.

Ohhh goody goody, there are so many ideas! I should make this a series of drawings!:D

because he's afraid that Frank will abandonned him :(

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a part of a plot :D

just a suggestion: maybe we can do the series together..if you want to & if you have the time of course ! :)

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