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sad, nervous
Okay, I haven't been doing too good in a few classes in college, and it's because I spend too much time on teh interwebs and have a very bad sleep schedule. I usually stay up till 3 in the morning and then get up as late as 4 pm on weekends. It's taking a toll.

So my therapist has given me medicine to induce sleep before midnight. She doesn't want me using the computer unless it's for homework. I might come on LJ and dA for an hour, but I really gotta focus on my homework. My freakin freakin homework. >:C

I won't be here very much, and I won't be able to fulfill any requests until I get my shit together in college. *sigh* I hate myself. I'll be back sometime. Take care fellas!

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Soooo I guess this would be a bad time to mention the mst3kslash Secret Santa Exchange? *pelted with tomatoes* D8

I kid, I kid, obviously school and stuff comes first. I have problems getting to sleep too, sometimes the only way to for me to guarantee getting up early is never to fall asleep in the first place! If that makes any sense. >_>

Good luck with college! 8)

Holy shit, you love MST3K, AND the mighty Bruce Campbell, AND slutty Toy Story shenanigans, AND that short cartoon featuring the Squirrel Nut Zippers tune which I saw years ago at a cartoon festival?! COULD YOU MARRY ME PLEASE?

Oh goodness gracious! Are you possibly suggesting that YOU TOO like and enjoy these things that I do?!
*grabs your hands and dances Jessie-style with you*


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