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Forrester and Frank-ness
slash, Frank

eheheheheheheh I am one of the few who support this fandom. Yall prolly saw this in that mst3k meme I put up on deviantArt a few weeks back, but Imma lazy self-promoting dirtbag with no new art at the moment.

I am brewing ideas for yall tho, so please don't lose faith in me! Your suggestions are all wonderful fodder for my college-mangled brain. I'll complete your requests to the best of my ability. Don't be afraid to post ideas, I'll be happy to do it (as long as it isn't full out porn or orgy art)

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I know! Hmmm...

How about... Mike doing a spittake after realizing he's drinking out of Joel's coffee mug, with Joel smirking mischeviously beside him, as he sips from Mike's mug.

FFFF lol indirect kiss XD. You draw this if you'd like XD

Moohoohoohaahaahaa! Maybe I should write "Joel's Mug" on it, or make it a red mug and Mike's mug is blue. XD

NO ORGY ART!? Well screw that! *shot* xP

Okay, how about implied porn? Cause I have an idea for a Forrester/Frank comic...

So Dr. F and Frank send the movie to Joel and the Bots like they normally do. Once the subjects have entered the theater, Dr. F and Frank get right to the kissy-kissy, knowing they have at least two hours before they'll be needed again. It's revealed that they filmed themselves doin' it the other night and Frank suggests they watch the tape to get themselves in the mood. Forrester agrees and they pop the tape in. But what's this?

Frank: "Huh, that's weird, this is the movie we just...sent...Joel...oh boy."

Cut to the theater of the SOL. Tom Servo's head has exploded. Joel is staring wide-eyed at the screen while covering Crow's eyes. We can't see the screen but we can guess what's on it ("Uh! Oh, oh, oh YES, I'M A NAUGHTY BOY! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!") xD

So yeah. Kind of a dumb idea but it amused me. xP So if you ever get bored enough...yeah. *runs*

Hoooooooooooly shit! That's freaking-*runs into another room to scream into a pillow*

I should totally draw that! Unfortunately my psychiatrist is telling me I have to limit my time online to schoolwork, so I won't be posting very much for a bit. I will keep this premise in mind! ZooommmgggXD

So adorable. I hope you still draw!

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