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In the not-too-distant future...
Bruce Campbell
 Do you know how freaking great it would be if Linkara and Spoony made a MST3K show of their own, with their robots and Dr. Insano sending them bad movies/games/comics from his lab? FREAKING GREAT, that's how freaking great it would be!!!!!

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GENIUS you're a genius !
may I worship you ? (we need to propose this idea to them )

Oh no it's just a pipe dream. :)

Well, I suppose so! Here, fill out this form while you wait in line...
Actually I did shove this in his face via email (poor guy, I keep bugging him) and he said he liked it! I'm pathetic but happy

no we just need to mess with the space time continuum :D

Which number am I ?
if you're doing it nicely then it's okay to do it, we just need Spoony/Noah's opinion now (I'm not forcing you to do it just making a proposition)

Hmm... oh Dr. Insanooooo-!

Oh I lost count. ;p
I did, I think. Linkara is very kind. Spoony, though, I'm nervous about since I've never met him before and I wouldn't think he's much for the fanart scene. I dunno- I did post the pic on the TSE forum. Who knows...

Hmm... oh Dr. Insanooooo-!
is it me or is he the solution to EVERYTHING

Maybe he's less snarky & nicer in real life ?
don't worry he still got a heart so he's not gonna bash you or anything like that


I spose so. :)

I really need to watch that show, don't I? *sighs* I'm a bad, bad geek ...

YES YOU DO. IT IS AWESOME. I highly recommend "The Final Sacrifice", "Teenage Strangler", "Fugitive Alien", "Earth vs the Spider", and only when you're ready (since the movie itself is so horrible): "MANOS: The Hands of Fate".

It's definitely a big part of Linkara and Spoony's origins and reviewing styles. You really owe it to yourself to see MST3K. You can find some full vids on Google Vid and in parts on youtube. It's some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen before.

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